Commit 6cd322d4 authored by Alberto Ramos's avatar Alberto Ramos

Bug and performance in wride_uwreal

parent 1ed66a8d
......@@ -293,26 +293,27 @@ function write_bdio(p::uwreal, fb, iu::Int, ws::wspace)
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, [p.mean], true)
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, [nid], true)
ntv = Vector{Int32}(undef, nid)
for j in 1:nid
nd = convert(Int32, ws.fluc[ws.map_ids[p.ids[j]]].nd)
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, [nd], true)
ntv[j] = convert(Int32, ws.fluc[ws.map_ids[p.ids[j]]].nd)
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, ntv, true)
for j in 1:nid
nr = convert(Int32, length(ws.fluc[ws.map_ids[p.ids[j]]].ivrep))
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, [nr], true)
ntv[j] = convert(Int32, length(ws.fluc[ws.map_ids[p.ids[j]]].ivrep))
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, ntv, true)
for j in 1:nid
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, convert(Vector{Int32}, ws.fluc[ws.map_ids[p.ids[j]]].ivrep), true)
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, convert(Vector{Int32}, p.ids), true)
for j in 1:nid
nt = maximum(ws.fluc[ws.map_ids[p.ids[j]]].ivrep)
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, [nt], true)
ntv[j] = convert(Int32, div(maximum(ws.fluc[ws.map_ids[p.ids[j]]].ivrep), 2))
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, ntv, true)
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, zeros(Float64, nid), true)
BDIO.BDIO_write!(fb, [DEFAULT_STAU for n in 1:nid], true)
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