Commit b9c2bd4b authored by Alberto Ramos's avatar Alberto Ramos

Update Corrected covariance computation.

- contains the reference [arXiv:1809.01289]
- Corrected bug in te computations of the covariance for the case
  where there is no Monte Carlo data.
parent bbf64eda
......@@ -262,8 +262,8 @@ work whith these versions.
1. Download or clone the repository.
1. Edit the `Makefile` in the `build` directory. Change the compiler
command/options (variables `FC` and `FOPT`).
1. Compile the library with `gmake`.
1. Optionally build/run the test codes with `gmake test`. Executabes will
1. Compile the library with `GNU make`.
1. Optionally build/run the test codes with `make test`. Executabes will
be placed in the `test` directory.
1. If preferred, move the contents of the `include` and `lib`
directories somewhere else.
......@@ -280,4 +280,8 @@ Look into the `doc/aderrors.pdf` file.
## How to cite
If you use this package for a scientific publication, please cite the
original work ...
original work:
"Automatic differentiation for error analysis of Monte Carlo data"
Alberto Ramos.
......@@ -838,8 +838,8 @@ contains
if (imode.eq.UW_CF_MODE) then
call p%init(1, [1], [1], [1])
p%mean = 0.0_DP
p%data = d
p%mean = d
p%data = 0.0_DP
p%ivrep(1) = p%nd(1)
call uwfree(p)
......@@ -45,19 +45,22 @@ contains
type (uwreal), intent (in) :: p(:)
real (kind=DP), intent (inout) :: mat(:,:)
integer :: n, io1, io2, irst, irnd
integer :: n, io1, io2, irst, irnd, is1, is2, ie1, ie2
call autocorrfunc_cov(p)
call wopt()
mat = 0.0_DP
do io1 = 1, wsid%no
do io2 = io1, wsid%no
do n = 1, wsid%nid
if (wsid%nd(n).eq.1) then
irst = 1 + sum(wsid %nd(1:n-1))
! mat(io1,io2) = wscf%data(irst)**2
if ( (wsid%map(n,io1).ne.0).and.(wsid%map(n,io2).ne.0) ) then
call p(io1)%get_offset(is1,ie1,wsid%map(n,io1),0)
call p(io2)%get_offset(is2,ie2,wsid%map(n,io2),0)
mat(io1,io2) = mat(io1,io2) + &
end if
irst = sum(wsid%tmax(1:n-1))
irnd = irst + wsid%iw(n)
......@@ -287,9 +290,10 @@ contains
call init_wsid(nid,nvt,no)
call combine_ids_multi(nid,p)
wsid%nid = nid
maxrl = sum(wsid%tmax(1:nid))
call init_wscf(0, no, maxrl, n1, n2)
if (maxrl.eq.0) return
wscf%gamm = 0.0_DP
do i = 1, nid
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