Commit 47f84fe6 authored by Alessandro 's avatar Alessandro Committed by Javier

Revert "read_CHeader updated to read ratio method dat files"

This reverts commit f3531bef.
parent 9b8e1a3d
......@@ -70,13 +70,10 @@ function read_CHeader(path::String; legacy::Bool=false)
aux_f = zeros(Float64, 4)
aux_i = zeros(Int32, 4)
extra_info = zeros(Float64, 8) #mon hotfix
for k = 1:gh.ncorr
read!(data, aux_f)
read!(data, extra_info) #mon hotfix
read!(data, aux_i)
a[k] = CHeader(aux_f, aux_i)
a[k].hsize += 8 * 8 #mon hotfix
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