Commit 6c421225 authored by Alessandro 's avatar Alessandro

updating exported functions in juobs.jl

parent bd2390ab
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -8,16 +8,9 @@ include("juobs_reader.jl")
<<<<<<< HEAD
export read_mesons, read_ms1, read_ms, read_md, truncate_data!
export get_matrix, energies, uwdot, uweigvals, uweigvecs, uweigen, invert, getall_eigvals, getall_eigvecs, hess_reduce, uwcholesky, transpose, tridiag_reduction
export corr_obs, corr_sym, md_sea, md_val, plat_av, lin_fit, x_lin_fit, y_lin_fit, fit_routine
export meff, mpcac, dec_const, dec_const_pcvc, comp_t0
export read_mesons, read_ms1, read_ms, read_md
export get_matrix, uwgevp_tot, energies, uwdot, transpose, uwgevp, invert
export corr_obs, plat_av, lin_fit, x_lin_fit, y_lin_fit, fit_routine
export meff, dec_const_pcvc, comp_t0
>>>>>>> 5f368dae0ea2c9e608f49d29b8d1fbc31bc1a463
end # module
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